The past month has been great for grass growth. We have had blazing hot days followed by torrential downpours! Although great for grass growth it has made other aspects of farming rather tricky! We have had to cut and bale silage as and when we can, with some still left to cut. Also, it has put us on red alert for fly strike on the ewes and lambs. It was vital that we had the shearing gang in as soon as possible in order to get our girls a ‘haircut’ and remove their fleeces. This reduces the risk of fly strike and ensures the ewes don’t get too hot and bothered on a hot summers day. All the ewes and lambs have had an application of ‘Click’, which acts as an insect repellent, thus ensuring our livestock remain healthy and happy during the summer months. We are approaching the end of weaning time, this is the time when the lambs are ready to fend for themselves and allow the ewes some well-deserved rest and recuperation. The lambs will then have priority when deciding grazing options, and the ewes will be turned up to the higher ground to roam for the next few months. The lambs are getting very adventurous and playful, it is a great sight to see mobs of young lambs racing up and down the fields. This is always a reassuring sight for any farmer as it shows that the young stock are healthy. The key to any successful farm is having well looked after healthy livestock, that are suited to their environment and can thrive in the conditions. It has been a busy couple of weeks off farm also. I was asked to become a member of the ‘NFU Cymru (National Farmers Union of Wales) Next Generation Policy Group’. We met in Cardiff for a couple of days and discussed the issues and opportunities for young people in agriculture. I am looking forward to future meetings and seeing how the group develops. It is a great opportunity to ensure young people within agriculture have a platform to be heard. I also visited the ‘Royal Welsh Agricultural Show’. It is a great showcase for Welsh agriculture, and attracts visitors from around the World. It is great to see people engaging with agriculture and appreciating the process from field to fork. I must admit that I spent a lot of the day at the food hall, sampling my way around the building! It was great to see all the local and artisan produce on display. The past four weeks has been busy, but very enjoyable. We have started receiving orders and had positive feedback, which is promising. Let’s hope the next four weeks are just as enjoyable and busy!