May is a great month in our farming calendar as it allows us to regroup and contemplate on the busy blur of April. It was decided to lamb maternal groups in the first three weeks of the month, having already lambed the terminal group in March. With the exceptional weather promoting grass growth it made the process far easier. Ewes and lambs were enjoying out on fresh grass, and thrived in the near perfect conditions. Since lambing things were progressing nicely, and we had hoped to cut some silage this month. We have had days of torrential rain, which is not great for the lambs. It’s at times like these that well maintained hedgerows are vital, as they are now full of ewes and lambs sheltering from the elements. The grass growth has slowed slightly with the drop in temperature, but our main problem over the past year has been keeping the grass under control! We have had to follow the ewes around with the topper in order to maintain grazing quality. Through mob grazing and rotating the ewes around the farm we find that we are utilising the grass more, and need stock at a higher density in order to take full advantage of this system. We are big believers in the benefits of a grass fed system, which the ewes and lambs thrive off. It truly is a wonderful time of year to be farming. The lambs are very mischievous and keep Tim (our sheepdog) very busy. Last night’s post supper task was usher two twin lambs out of the garden and back to their noisy mother. We have all but finished the lambing and calving, apart from one heifer who is yet to calve. Although, as I write this piece things may have changed. She was checked about an hour ago, and I anticipate that we may have a new arrival soon. We are moving from one busy period to another. We are hoping for a busy summer with our meat sales. With the website having gone ‘live’ and a steady stream of interest it is an exciting time. We are very passionate about what we do, and take great pride in rearing and producing stock of high quality. It is so fulfilling to share it with friends, family and new customers. We are very excited about meeting new people and sharing a taste of ‘Llygadenwyn Farm’.