Eat Better Meat.

Ethical Meat is more than a slogan. It’s a challenge. It’s the vision that drives everything we do.

From our beginning, Oriel Jones set out to make a positive change within the community. We opened our butchery in 2017 with a purpose – to show that locally raised, pasture fed meats were better. Not only better for your health, better for the planet, but also, better tasting!

We are continually developing our expertise as whole animal butchers, building relationships with farmers, and exploring ways we could share our passion with our customers and followers. We truly believe that having control from ‘Field to Fork’ is so important, that way we can ensure that every aspect is up to standard. In a world that promises so much through ‘fake farm’ marketing, false promises and factory farming, food security has never been such a threat. By doing it our way we can guarantee the happiest, healthiest, most sustainable and tastiest products.

The Jones family history with the meat industry goes back generations. From trading livestock in the local markets to trips to Smithfield Market and trading at the most renowned meat market in the World. We have a genuine passion and love for good food, and a tradition of delivering exceptional produce. This passion for rearing livestock of the highest standard and producing the finest tasting meat it was a natural progression to take control of our produce from field to fork.

Our family tradition helps us understand the relationship between the soil and what we eat, and how we must nurture and respect the land which we farm in order to preserve such a wonderful tradition. We are fortunate to have some leading industry experts within our small team, that share a passion for agriculture and sustainable meat production. We share a core belief that change is needed to create a ‘modern’ meat business that offers our customers a better food system. ‘Field to Fork’ and ‘sustainability’ are not just some snappy catchphrases that many use without any substance, this is the ethos and mantra at the heart of all we do and which we believe needs to become the mainstream of the meat industry.

We offer the healthiest, most flavourful meat, and the highest standards, by creating innovative and sustainable practices to exceed them. We embrace our role as a voice, and proud advocate for better meat, and by doing this provide for a community that desires better – for better eating, better health, better living and for better meat.

Our meat isn’t just good, it’s exceptional. We select for the most marbled cuts, that are packed full of flavour. We then take these cuts and place them in our ‘Himalayan Salt’ ageing chamber. This takes our any moisture from the meat. What you are left with is the most amazing tasting beef you will ever experience.