Today has been a long time coming! We have been planning and preparing for today for the past eighteen months! It has been a very exciting process with many trials and challenges along the way. It is an extremely proud moment for us to finally get our website online and have a platform to showcase the fruits of our labour. The farm has ensured that we are kept busy, this being the main reason for the slow progress in getting ‘Oriel Jones’ online. I am kept busy with the day to day tasks, such as, checking the livestock, monitoring grass growth and ensuring livestock have plenty of fresh, clover rich grass at all times. The lambs are thriving in this environment, and enjoy being moved into fresh pasture every few days. I took the opportunity to get the ewes and lambs in the other day, this gave me a chance to check that they are all healthy, thriving and growing. Our average daily live weight gain for the lambs was 350g, with one single born lamb growing at 462g a day! She is a little barrel who is making the most of the clover rich leys and her mother’s milk. She will be a great addition to the flock, and will hopefully have many happy years ahead of her and Llygadenwyn Farm. It is crucial to our system that we select the very best animals to breed from, thus ensuring we continue to produce the very best produce with good meat to bone ratio and the optimum level of fat covering, thus ensuring, tenderness, flavour and succulence. In anticipation for our launch we have been preparing are Welsh beef and lamb. Our prime beef cuts are dry aged for 28 days, which ensures a great depth of flavour and an intense eating experience. Dry-aging beef means that once the animal is slaughtered and butchered, portions of the carcass are allowed to rest in very carefully controlled conditions (cool temperatures, with relatively high humidity) for 28 days, or if required we can continue with the process for up to 60 days. When we create such conditions, we allow enzymes to do their work. We end up with a complexity of flavor that just wasn’t there before. There’s no cooking method that can generate the depth of flavor of a dry-aged piece of meat. I hope that you all enjoy our new website and get a chance to order some of our dry aged beef, you won’t be disappointed. We would appreciate any feedback, and encourage our customers to get in touch. As we are a small business, we hand cut and tie all our products, therefore, if it’s not on the site get in touch and we can create a bespoke order.